Feature Documentary

In Production




Director: Samuel Hutchinson

Producers: Samuel Hutchinson & Sam Eather

Camera: Gavin Blyth & Samuel Hutchinson


Whether you’re a believer or skeptic, we find claims of extraterrestrials fascinating.

They’re the focus of conversations at dinner parties and arguments in pubs, not to mention a staple History Channel television programs and viral videos that flood our social media feeds.

What is it about extraterrestrials that capture our collective imaginations?

Framed within the historical and cultural context of the rise of new age beliefs and conspiracy theory this thought-provoking documentary challenges the audience's views and understandings of contemporary beliefs and acts as a case study of broader cultural trends in the interplay of knowledge and power.

Whatever extraterrestrials are or are not, they remind us that there is still much we don't know about ourselves and our environment. That we may not be completely and utterly alone in this vast universe and if we are, maybe extraterrestrials provide us with a sense of wonder and of hope.

In a time of cultural chaos, when many are questioning their beliefs, sense of purpose and capacity to find life meaningful and worth living – we may need extraterrestrials more than they need us.